Back pain is an individual problem, with a multitude of potential reasons and issues that can cause pain, some of which aren't even related to the back.


The most important aspect of overcoming back pain is the WHY. Why do you have back pain. If you don't have the WHY, then you'll never know what to do to eliminate or correct the problem.  

The purpose of this book is to help you understand the WHY.

About the Author

Australia's leading exercise rehabilitation expert, internationally published author, Simon Fox. With over 16yrs experience Simon has worked as an exercise rehabilitation specialist helping 1000s of people to over come back pain. Simon was first published by Lambert Academic Publishing company in 2011. Simon has owned and operated his own Exercise Rehabilitation Clinic for over 10 yr enabling 100s of people to improve their quality of life and live pain free. 

Simon is a sought after mentor, coach and keynote speaker, inspiring people to put their health as their number investment.

 "By investing in your health, you will see massive improvements across your whole life, more energy, better decision making capacity, clearer thinking, better productivity plus a much more positive outlook on your life, attracting more people to you!"   

" Everyone deserves the right to live pain free, the question is will you do what it takes for you to achieve this?

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Simon Fox BSc (Hons)

Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

19A Edward St Mitcham, Vic 

Ph (03) 9873 2568