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How to stop back pain, by strengthening your lower back

October 30, 2017

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Why do I have back pain?

November 14, 2017

7 out of 10 people suffer from back pain while 90% of these people who suffer from back pain have their ability to function in everyday life impacted by their pain.


There is no reason that anyone should live with back pain. Yes this is a big statement, but the reality is when you get your body functioning at its optimal level, biomechanically working correctly then you can eliminate back pain.


If this is the case then why do so many people suffer from chronic back pain, allowing back pain to impact their lives daily. Because most allied health professionals do not deal with the WHY, the just treat the symptoms. A lot of the time a person will go to an allied health professional because they have back pain, nerve pain, numbness or sciatic pain, and rightly so the health professional helps the person deal with these symptoms with some form of manual therapy. BUT what a lot of health professional do not do is deal with WHY the back pain occurred in the first place- asking WHY IS THIS PERSON IN PAIN. Most back pain starts off as a neuromuscular imbalance, this imbalance then causes biomechanical changes in the body which over time lead to dysfunction and symptoms, such as sciatica and back pain.


So, the question you need to be asking your health professional is WHY DO I HAVE BACK PAIN? Why are the symptoms occurring? If your therapist cannot answer this question, then you are seeing the wrong person. As a therapist, it is important that we do not just treat the symptoms but the cause. If you are not dealing with the causes, then the symptoms will just come back.


To completely eliminate back pain, you need to ensure that your body is functioning correctly. Normally people who suffer from back pain have a neuromuscular weakness or a biomechanical dysfunction – If the therapist does not identify the imbalance then it is unlikely that the person will have a long-term solution.  


If you have back pain, or you know someone with ongoing back pain and you are ready to take proactive steps to eliminate this pain for good, jump onto our web site and grab our free article “The five steps to stop back pain” and lets work together to reduce and eliminate your back pain for good!

 For more information on our books, and videos to help you stop back pain go to


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