Your Stop Back Pain Consultation

Step 1. Screening Assessment Forms 

The first step to eliminating your back pain is to ensure we fully understand your condition.  We need to understand how it happened ,(if you know) how the back pain impacts your life, what causes pain as well as what elevates it, the types of pain you suffer, any scans or reports you may have,  and how is the back pain impacting you on a day to day level.  The initial consultation forms are email you prior to your consultation so we can review you situation prior to you coming into the clinic. 


Yes we offer health rebates, and workcover. 

Step 2. Photographic Assessment of your Posture

Your posture is the window to your health. 

During your first assessment we will conduct a posture pro assessment on you. This is a photographic assessment of your posture. The unique aspect to this program is it will give you a look at your posture at a skeletal level. 

This assessment will allow us to fully understand what is happening at the skeletal level so we can ensure we treat you correctly to get the best results possible 

Step 3. Neuromuscular Activation Assessments

The neuromuscular system controls the way in which the muscles work together to support your joints and your posture. When this system stops working correctly it leads to the muscles not being able to support the spine and the pelvis. This can and in time will lead to increase load in the spine, pelvis, hips and knees, causing dysfunction and pain.  By assessing how the muscles are working and whether they are working together or not will help us understand what we need to do to eliminate your back pain. This assessment is an essential part of our process to understanding why you have back pain

Step 4. Receive your first Treatment 

Once we have fully assessed you we will explain the results and discuss the treatment strategy plan. Your treatment starts NOW. During the next 45- 60mins we will treat your condition to help elevate the pain. This treatment is usually in the form of manual therapy - including, remedial massage techniques, joint mobilisation, stretching and neuromuscular re programming. Our goal in the first session is the fully establish and confirm what is causing your pain and turn it off. Using clinically proven techniques we will target your parasympathetic nervous system to turn off your pain and help you feel normal again

Step 5. Receive a full explanation of why you have back pain and what we need to do to eliminate it for go!

By the end of this session we will have a treatment plan for you to eliminate your back pain. This plan will usually follow our Rehabilitation Pyramid. We guarantee we will give you a full understanding of WHY you have back pain and start you on the journey to live life pain free. Please understand this is not a quick fix, there is no such thing, this is a program that brings together years of academic study combined with over  20yrs of clinical experience. We utilise techniques out of manual therapy, osteopathy, manual manipulation, correct exercise kinesiology and exercise science to help you live your life pain free, so you 

Play with the kids, sleep all night and just live life again.

Simon Fox BSc (Hons)

Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

19A Edward St Mitcham, Vic 

Ph (03) 9873 2568