Why our Program Stop's Back Pain for good!

Your symptoms are not the cause, your pain whether it be sciatica,

a disc bulge, a prolapse or even an unknown reason is occurring

because of something.  This is our focus, by combining a range of

techniques we will assess your 

  1.  Your posture at the skeletal level

  2.  Your neuromuscular activation sequences 

  3.  Your Neurological mobility 

  4.  Muscle strength 

  5. Muscular activation patterns 

Once we understand the WHY behind your back pain we will then

take you one our Back Pain elimination program. 

The Back Pain Elimination program is a 5 stage program 

Stage 1. Treat the presenting symptoms and turn off the pain

you are experiencing. 

Stage 2. Isolation, during this stage reprogram the

neuromuscular system to ensure that the muscles are correct

activating to support the body without causing further dysfunction

and pain.

Stage 3. Integration of muscles to develop the correct functional unit activation. 

Stage 4.  Exercise Rehabilitation, during this stage we will focus on your biomechanical functioning to strengthen the muscles, joints and neural pathways that have lead to the injury and pain developing in the past. 

Stage 5Specific Strength Training, the biggest step missed in 90% of back pain treatment plans is strengthen the body once it is pain free. This stage ensures that the body is working correctly and strong enough to allow you to function in everyday life. Being able to live your life free of the ticking time bomb of back pain.  

Simon Fox BSc (Hons)

Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

19A Edward St Mitcham, Vic 

Ph (03) 9873 2568