Stop Back Pain: about us 

Over 70% of Australian society suffers from back pain, preventing you from sleeping all night, playing with the kids, being able to walk to walk the dog and carry the shopping in from the car. Research shows that back pain is the most mismanage conditions by the medical professionals... 

Stop Back Pain, runs a specialises in helping your stop back pain, sleep all night, play with the kids and even walk the dog. If back pain is steeling your quality of life it is time to take back control. 

Our programs combine techniques out of a range manual therapies, including physiotherapy, osteopathy, remedial massage and then combine these techniques with exercise science to ensure that the body functions correctly to become and stay pain free.

Our Principle therapist is Simon Fox, with over 23yrs experience in the health and fitness industry. Simon is Australia's leading Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist in the arena of back pain and is an internationally published author. Simon's philosophy in treating back pain is the firstly turn off the pain, then get the body working functionally correctly so that the nervous, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles are all doing their jobs to support the body in a pain free way. 

Everyone deserves to be able to live life pain free, living in continual pain is not normal and you should not accept this. 

Simon Fox BSc (Hons)

Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

19A Edward St Mitcham, Vic 

Ph (03) 9873 2568